Thanks to our proven four-phase transaction methodology we have become the financial advisor of choice for ambitious businesses.

Throughout the transaction process we pride ourselves on our relentless attention to detail, innovative strategies and unyielding determination to generate results that will exceed your expectations.

We begin with a rigorous, in-depth opportunity review to determine the true value of your business. This enables us to understand your business from the inside, to see what makes it special and provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect in terms of outcome – before we start.

We then devise strategies on how to best articulate your true value proposition to the market. Once that’s in place we research and develop a custom list of buyers based on who we believe will value you and your business the most. Our aim here is to find the right partner for your business, a partner that values your business as much as you do.

Four steps to successful outcomes

Through our hands-on approach we build long-term relationships with our clients who value the trust, discretion and absence of conflict that we offer.

 hands-on approach

Over the course of our engagement our activities will include:

Our experienced team of professionals are able to form a thorough understanding of the business by analysing financial statements, business models, market conditions and trends relevant to the business.

Our intensive modeling and valuation process establishes benchmarks and provides a multi-layered understanding of the firm’s value drivers.

Identifying suitable counterparties requires a deep understanding of the business and of which parties will place most value in it.

We develop and produce high quality information memoranda, highlighting the key drivers of the business.

We manage the entire transaction process, ensuring a swift execution with careful attention to detail.

Our structured due diligence management process ensures transparency and minimises renegotiation of the deal terms.

Our principals negotiate and conclude the commercial terms of the deal, ensure the legal details are consistent with the commercial terms and manage the completion of any conditions necessary to finalise the transaction.