The partnership between Brad Conarroe and Dana Gordon-Davis began with the shared belief that there was a better way of doing corporate finance.

Dana first got involved in corporate finance in 2001 when he took a position at Credo Corporate Finance in London. Following that he successfully launched five companies including a digital marketing business, a third party asset raising business and an internet technologies provider. In 2008 Dana founded Novitas Partners, which focused on providing corporate finance solutions to the financial services and technology sectors.

Brad started his career in 1994 at a corporate finance boutique in Rotterdam called Cartera Finance Partners. After that he was directly involved in the start-up of two companies – XOIP BV, a unified messaging company and Aequitas BV, an international corporate finance house. In 2006, soon after settling in South Africa, Brad started Conarroe & Associates, a corporate finance services business.

When their paths crossed late in 2011 it became clear that they shared a vision for providing more innovative financial solutions. They decided to merge their businesses and in 2012 Novitas Capital Advisors was founded.

Bradley Conarroe
Bradley ConarroeFounding Partner

BComm Finance Hons. (University of British Columbia); IMScEC, Business (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)

“Our hands-on, sleeves rolled-up approach, is tried and trusted and ensures better than average results. It’s the optimum mix of hard-work and insight.”

Dana Gordon-Davis
Dana Gordon-DavisFounding Partner

BBusSci Information Technology and Commerce (University of Cape Town)

“At Novitas, we are passionate about business and creating value through our proven, innovative approach to corporate finance and transaction negotiation. We manage the entire process, shielding you from distraction and allowing you to focus on running your business. We are always fully aligned with your goals and are rewarded based on the successful outcomes we achieve for you.”

Rocco de Villiers
Rocco de VilliersAnalyst, joined Novitas in 2017

B Acc, B Acc (Hons) (University of Stellenbosch), Chartered Accountant (SA), Stellenbosch Business School – MBA cum laude

“Due diligence is often perceived as boring and functional. But I love the detail and rigor that’s required to get the job done right.”

Matthew Kirsten
Matthew KirstenAnalyst
BComm (Investment Management), BComm Hons. (Financial Analysis), PGDA in Financial Planning, PGDA in Management (Accounting Conversion), PGDA in Accounting
Chartered Accountant (SA)

“I enjoy the attention to detail and rigor that comes with modelling the economics of a business prior to forming and defending a position on value.” An exceptional outcome demands that models are customised to client requirements whilst capturing the evolution of value drivers at a level of detail that can be defended.”

Lauren Drake
Lauren DrakeAnalyst, joined Novitas in 2021

BBusSc Finance & Accounting, PGDA (University of Cape Town), Chartered Accountant (SA)

“Through our in-depth understanding gained, we encapsulate the true value of your business when engaging potential buyers and investors. A comprehensive search in which all likely buyers and investors are considered requires out-of-the-box thinking to identify those parties who will value your business the most as well as drive that value forward. Our thorough approach allows us to run a competitive process in which we aim to deliver on our promise to finding the right home for your business at the right value. ”