At Novitas, we understand that no two businesses are the same.

Before taking a business to market, we spend the time to find out what makes it unique, special and different. Based on this, we work out what types of buyers or investors would be likely to value it the most and what criteria they would use to value the business.

Armed with this knowledge, before embarking on a transaction, a client can decide if the timing is right now, or if it makes more sense to spend additional time working on a key value driver that is likely to unlock additional value for them.

Once we’re confident of achieving a successful outcome and our client is ready then we undertake a rigorous transaction preparation process. The goal of this is to effectively articulate what is special about the business, evidence its value and develop the level of understanding needed for us to run a tight process and shield our client from being drawn into the time consuming market engagement.

In negotiations, we develop bespoke transaction structures based on the risk appetite of our client and the level of return that they are looking to achieve. Our negotiating style is collaborative; we work with the bidders to ensure that they appreciate the full value of the business to them and how sharing part of this value with our client will make everyone better off.

Optimising a transaction outcome is as much an art as it is a science. An extraordinary outcome requires something special and that can only be found in the differences.

Transactions - Success is everything.


Success is everything.

We have successfully concluded over 85 M&A and Capital Raise Transactions across a broad range of industry sectors.

Team - Expertise is everything.


Expertise is everything.

Work with our skilled team of professionals, each with years of experience in various industries across Africa, Europe and North America.

Approach - Bespoke is everything.


Bespoke is everything.

Our unique and innovative approach to transactions will unlock the true value of your business and exceed your expectations.

Services - Personal is everything.


Personal is everything.

Our personalised and strategic advisory services cover sell-side Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Raising and BEE ownership transactions.