Popcorn Training joins forces with KnowBe4, the world’s largest platform for integrated security awareness training.

As exclusive advisors to Popcorn Training on their sale to US cybersecurity giant KnowBe4, Novitas is proud to announce its second cross-border transaction of 2018.

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform and the acquisition sees them add fifty-two new training modules to their library which is already used by more than 16,000 organizations worldwide. Going forward, Popcorn will operate as an independent subsidiary of KnowBe4.

Popcorn Training, CEO Anna Collard said, “We are excited about becoming part of the KnowBe4 family for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will allow us to expand our offering and integrate with KnowBe4’s best of breed phishing and training solutions. Secondly, by becoming KnowBe4’s representative for the African region, we look forward to building content and solutions that are applicable to the African context. Thirdly, the transaction enables us to continue to grow and to stay focused on what we love doing, which is creating high-quality cyber security awareness content.”

Speaking shortly after the announcement Collard went on to say that Novitas played a key role in concluding the transaction. “In negotiating the deal, Novitas had a deep understanding of transactions and how things would play out. This was especially valuable in terms of the structured elements of the deal and how to make sure that the targets not only aligned interests, but were measurable, achievable and fully in my control. They took a very professional approach to planning and running the due diligence exercise. Not only did things run smoothly so KnowBe4 had everything they needed to get comfortable with the deal, but Novitas made sure our disclosure process was comprehensive in order to protect me from future liabilities.”

Novitas founding partner Dana Gordon-Davis said, “KnowBe4 saw the strategic value that Popcorn could bring to its business and this created a healthy negotiating environment where both sides were aligned to ensure a successful outcome.”

The deal, which took just three months to finalise, further demonstrates Novitas’ ability and expertise in cross-border transactions.

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